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NeuDimenxion is a leader in applying interactive multimedia to corporate communications. Our hands-on experience in the corporate and high-tech worlds enables us to understand your company and your target audience.

NeuDimenxion will energize your marketing, sales and training projects to reach out specifically to your target group. NeuDimenxion will help you build image and deliver bottom-line results.

What is ND KIOSK ?

kioskWith NDKiosk's highly intuitive interfacing makes kiosks an ideal public marketing tool for every businesses. NDKiosk is usually applied at point-of-purchase locations and trade shows. NDKiosk integrates video, audio, graphics, text, and touch-screen interactivity to entertain users and guides them along your product information paths. It also gathers valuable databases of information on customers and prospects, and can incorporate telephones, credit card readers, printers and connections to other computer networks.

What is ND CD-ROM ?

kioskMany of the established methods of corporate communication like brochures are migrating to newer, higher-tech forms. Compared to a traditional printed brochure, for example, an interactive multimedia brochure on CD-ROM goes beyond photos, text and graphics to also include sound, video, animation, and interactivity to grab attention and be memorable. Inexpensive and highly versatile, CD-ROMs can be distributed through mail or at trade shows for a fraction of the cost of traditional materials.

What is ND VCD ?

vcdGreat way to keep and preserve your corporate or home videos. NeuDimenxion.Com is a full-service interactive agency, able to produce your project from creative development and script writing to video production and programming. Our team of talented artists and technical experts pool their talents to create energetic and informative VCD as your marketing tools that will make your company shine.

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